Closing your contingent sales

Sales conditioned upon sale of buyer’s property.

As the name implies, this class focuses on achieving success with the contingent sale. You will learn how to structure your contract for success. The following questions will be answered:

  • How does a contingency differ from other conditions?
  • Why must I counter ALL contingent offers?
  • What are the elements of a condition?
  • How can I write a “foolproof” condition?
  • What are the time frames, and how do they work “together”?
  • How does the bump clause work?
  • Why is the “Second Buyer Addendum” a “must use” form for second buyers?
  • When should the inspection be completed?

N.W.M.L.S Forms 22b, 44, 46, 39, 90K, 90L, the process, bumps, and responses are all covered.

Experienced Agents: Money back guarantee if you don’t learn something in this class.